Salvage FAQs


What are your store hours for the Salvage Shop?

10:00-6:00 Monday
9:00 to 5:00 Tuesday – Friday
8:00 to 12:00 Saturday
Closed: Sunday


How do you get your products?


Steinbacher Enterprises, Inc. diverts quality reusable antique, vintage and modern building materials from the landfill. We accomplish this by salvaging architectural items and offering them for sale at the store.
Our salvage crew works on-site at houses that are going to be demolished. They carefully remove reusable items such as doors, cabinets, and lighting fixtures. The salvaged items are then loaded on a truck and hauled to the store where we offer them for sale.


Will I save by purchasing salvaged items?


If you’re remodeling, sprucing up, or just maintaining your home or property, you can save a bundle here at Steinbacher Enterprises, Inc. on used building materials. You can buy a top of the line used door, cabinet or bathtub for less than the cost of a basic new unit at one of those super stores. Or get a perfectly good basic unit far less than new.


What will I find at Steinbacher Enterprises, Inc.’s Salvage Shop?


We have items that you just won’t find anywhere else. Do you own a historic home or like a touch of history in your newer home? You can buy antique wood trim, door knobs, stained glass, and more at Steinbacher Enterprises, Inc. Or you might prefer a custom piece of a more recent vintage.


Alright: You have my attention; push me over the edge.


Shopping Steinbacher Enterprises, Inc. is good for the environment! Reuse of building materials saves the resources and energy required to make new materials and reduces the waste flow to landfills. And when you buy from us, you’re supporting a locally-owned business!


Do you guarantee your merchandise? What if I want to make a return?


All merchandise is sold “as is”. However, returns are accepted within 7 days for store credit only. Equipment is not guaranteed to be in safe operating condition. It is the responsibility of the buyer to have it inspected and repaired as required by a qualified professional.


I’m planning a remodel; any tips?


Know your measurements in advance. When you find the perfect door or cabinet, you don’t want to risk losing it to someone else while you go back home to make sure it will fit. Better yet, if you’re remodeling, check the store before you work out your plans. You may find a really great, unique piece that you’ve got to have. Then you can design your plans to accommodate it!




Why should I choose Steinbacher Enterprises as my demolition contractor?


Steinbacher Enterprises, Inc. has been a demolition and excavating contractor for over 45 years. A family-based business, we are small enough to do residential jobs, yet large enough to perform industrial and commercial demolition projects.


I need demolition/excavation work done. Now what?


We will take care of it all from beginning to end. Just give us a call and one of our estimators will come and look at the property to be demolished and/or the site to be excavated. We will then give you a written quote, all spelled out so that you can see exactly what services we will be providing.

  • Provision of all labor, materials, and equipment necessary to demolish the building
  • Handling the PA One Call Requirements
  • DEP and L&I Notifications
  • Utility disconnects
  • Installation of sewer caps
  • Demolition permit acquisition
  • Backfill of the basement
  • Water usage for dust control